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Black Soldier Fly Larva Animal Feed Production

To develop high quality, sustainable insect-based ingredients for animals and aquaculture in a socially responsible way.
Our target markets is fisheries and poultry farms in Canada and Middle East as well as users of fertilizers in Canada.

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About Us

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Black soldier fly larvae feed are rich sources of proteins, good fats, and certain trace elements. Their advantage over other poultry and fish feed is their lower environmental impact. Insects have a higher protein and fat ratio and produce fewer greenhouse gases and lower ammonia emissions as compared to traditional feed.2 3 Our larvae feed production facility also have a secondary advantage of efficient animal waste management. Poultry and animal waste can be fed to larvae resulting in a waste reduction of up to 80% on a wet weight basis.4 This will greatly reduce the cost of poultry and fish waste transport and space requirements for landfills. The larvae’s waste can be used as an organic fertilizer, to boost