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Black Soldier Fly Larva Animal Feed Production

BSFL aims to provide high-quality, sustainable ingredients for animals and plants, with a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Our systems upcycle regionally available by-products from human and animal food industries. Therefore, while minimizing the environmental and financial impacts of animal protein production, we will be producing high-quality ingredients. Accordingly, BSFL contributes to the health of people and our planet.

Our target markets are fisheries and poultry farms in Canada, USA, and the Middle East as well as users of fertilizers in Canada.

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About Us

We Are Committed to Quality 

Black soldier fly larvae feed are rich sources of proteins, good fats, and certain trace elements. Their advantage over other poultry and fish feed is their lower environmental impact. Insects have a higher protein and fat ratio and produce fewer greenhouse gases and lower ammonia emissions as compared to traditional feed. Our larvae feed production facility also have a secondary advantage of Pre-consumer Organic Waste Management.  The larvae’s waste can be used as an organic fertilizer, to boost revenue.