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Black Soldier Fly Larvae as (BSFL) Poultry and Fish Feed represents a sustainable alternative to traditional feed in Canada. Black larvae are capable of efficiently converting a wide variety of organic materials, from food waste, into insect biomass. As of today, Black Soldier Fly have been permitted for use with salmonids and poultry.

High-protein poultry
We plan to set up an animal feed business in the Durham municipality Region in Ontario, Canada. Our product is high-protein poultry and fish feed that is competitively priced, sustainable, and a “superfood” in terms of its nutritional value.
No water, arable land or any other primary resources
Our animal feed product will revolutionize feed production in Canada by using larvae that can turn low-grade organic waste into high-protein feed without requiring any of the
Feed based on larvae of black soldier fly
Feed based on larvae of black soldier fly is an attractive option to substitute current feed-in poultry and fish industry. The black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) is a non-pest insect found on carcasses or piles of rotting fruit.


Black soldier fly larvae do not bite or sting, and do not vector or disseminate any specific diseases. They feed on an immense variety of organic material, and can be used in small-scale waste management purposes using substrates such as manure, food waste, fecal sludge, animal offal and kitchen waste.